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Union Cemetery, Easton - Connecticut

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  • Union Cemetery, Easton - Connecticut

    At the junction of routes 59 and 136 in Easton, next to Easton Baptist Church, the nearly 400-year-old Union Cemetery is allegedly one of the most haunted spots in Connecticut. Renowned ghosthunters Ed and Lorraine Warren (and their New England Society for Psychic Research) have done extensive investigation of this site -- as have dozens of other paranormal investigators -- gathering a substantial amount of video and photographic evidence. The Warrens have even published a book about the cemetery: Graveyard.
    Union Cemetery Easton - CT

    Union Cemetery Easton - CT

    Union Cemetery Easton - CT

    What's the draw? Well, the star of the show is the White Lady, who has been seen by dozens of witnesses and even captured on video (most famously by Ed Warren) and in still images. She has been described as wearing a white gown (obviously), and having long black hair; apparently she's a bit of a prankster as her m.o. is to appear in the middle of Route 59 and be "hit" by a car, only for the poor shaken driver to stop, check and find no one. (Apparently your sense of humor doesn't leave you in the afterlife -- good thing!) Visitors have also reported seeing her floating among the grave stones. The ever-popular ghost globules and other spirit-type mists have often been captured digitially here also. Another spirit called "Red Eyes" (aptly named as it appears exactly as it it sounds -- red eyes glowing in the darkness) has also alleged to been seen here.

    Legend has it that the White Lady is the spirit of a woman who was murdered in the 1940s after she had killed her husband; others think it was another woman who had been killed at the turn of the 20th century and had her body dumped in a sinkhole behind the church; still others believe it's the body of woman who died during childbirth and is roaming the earth searching for her lost child. Since no one has actually gotten her to sit down for a chat, her identity remains a mystery.

    Damned Experience: I went to Union Cemetery with a friend back in August 2000, right around sundown -- we brought a camera (old school -- film!), waited for night to fall and snapped a bunch of pictures at random spots around the cemetery. We also explored behind the church, taking multiple pictures there also -- all of which yielded nothing upon development. It was a clear night, and we kept a sharp eye out for mists, globules, hands reaching up from the dirt or anything else unusual. Unfortunately, we did not witness anything other than the occasional leaf blowing past and lots of real quiet gravestones, nor were we covered with ectoplasm when we were done. I suppose we could've gone later in the evening when there was less traffic around and the spirits less shy, but we were there for a while without any sightings.

    As I've indicated, we appear to have been in the minority as many others have claimed to have had experiences and seen unusual things there. Maybe next time.

    Update: We returned to Union Cemetery on a cold winter's day in December 2008. Again, we didn't see or photograph anything otherworldly, although we did come across an odd set of footprints.

    If You Go: The cemetery is strictly off-limits after sunset, and the Easton police are very active in keeping it that way. If you do decide to visit after dark, rather than encounter the White Lady, there's an excellent chance you'll run across the Men in Blue -- and rather than being the one taking pictures, you'll be the one having pictures taken of you (with a set of numbers across the bottom).

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