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    You may have heard of Robert the Doll, otherwise known as “The World’s Most Terrifying Doll”. Robert belonged to Key West artist Robert Eugene Otto. In the late 1800s, Robert Eugene Otto was just a young boy who received a doll from his caretaker, just before she was fired for doing black magic in the backyard. The doll stood 3 feet tall, had buttons for eyes, and (apparently) had real human hair. Robert decided to name the doll after him and dressed him in his own clothes. The two became inseparable. Robert would carry his doll with him everywhere he went and strange things began happening in the Otto’s home. Robert’s mother would hear him speaking to the doll and at times would wake up to him and his doll sitting in the corner of her room, staring at her. Household items were being thrown across the room and Robert’s other toys were found to be mutilated. Robert became obsessed with his doll, and eventually wanted to go by his middle name, Gene, because Robert was his doll’s name. The family eventually decided to box Robert the Doll up and put him in the attic.
    Robert remained in the attic for years, until Gene decided to move back into the family home with his wife after his father passed. Of course, Gene uncovered the dusty old box the Robert resided in for many years. One can assume Robert was pretty upset, being locked in a box and forgotten about for years. Once uncovered, history repeated itself, and similar strange things began happening again. Gene and Robert quickly became inseparable again, making Gene’s wife angry. Gene’s wife became mentally ill and passed shortly after moving into the childhood home. Gene’s death closely followed. Despite the house being empty for some time, people claimed to have heard evil laughter coming from the Otto’s family home and Robert apparently tormented people who trespassed into the house. When a new family purchased the home, Robert was yet again moved to the attic, but he was not going to let that happen. One night, Robert was found sitting at the edge of the new owner’s bed with a kitchen knife and giggling was heard. That was enough for the family to leave the home without looking back. Robert was then moved to a local museum in Key West, FL, where he resides in a glass box.
    Now of course, my friend and I just had to visit him, seeing as we were in Key West for a trip and we had an interest in the story. When we arrived, the owner of the museum was telling us stories about Robert and his visitors. He told us of the countless times he would open up the museum in the morning and Robert was to be found located somewhere else, despite being closed in a glass box held a few feet above the ground. He would also find dusty footprints around the museum. He also told us how someone took a photo of Robert and her phone immediately broke before leaving the museum. This started happening frequently when visitors would take pictures. People then started writing “apology notes”, in which the owner stated quickly became a trend. He started posting all of the notes around Robert’s glass box. We were told to “take pictures at your own risk”. Being skeptical, we took pictures. Nothing happened, although we were spooked.
    Later that afternoon, we decided to take a look at the pictures on my digital camera. I went to zoom in on a photo, just to get a closer look at him and my camera went black. The screen was flipping through different options (such as flash on/off, camera, video, photos, lighting, etc.) without me touching the buttons. My friend and I threw the camera and ran out of the house (as we were home alone and FREAKED out). When we returned, I picked up my camera, anxious to see if it would work. Well low and behold, it worked completely fine. But when I went through my photos, every single picture we took of Robert was gone. We decided to write our apology note and returned to the museum. We told the owner our experience and he took our note gracefully. He pretty much said, “I told you so”. You can make you own assumptions or conclusions about Robert the Doll, but if you ever decide to visit him, DON’T. TAKE. PICTURES.
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    Very Interesting story Zara. Thanks for the contribution!

    Would you be able to list the Museum in which Robert the Doll is currently displayed?


    • Zara
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      Thanks! Sure. The name and address are below:

      East Martello Museum
      3501 S Roosevelt Blvd
      Key West, FL 33040

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    this is great!! thanks for sharing zara