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Alton Mental Health Hospital

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  • Alton Mental Health Hospital

    Alton Mental Health Hospital

    The facility was built in the early 1900's and has been a host to paranormal activity for as many years. This hospital looks the part of haunted, mysterious hospitals built around this time. Interconnected buildings are connected through a series of tunnels. The buildings are named after different trees that attempts to give a serene feel, but ominous is the more accurate word for this hospital.

    Alton Mental Health Hospital


    In 1909 the General Assembly made provisions for the state to assume all responsibility for the care and treatment of the public insane. To meet the resulting need for more state-operated facilities the General Assembly appropriated funds in 1911 to the Board of Administration for the establishment of another state hospital for the insane. Although construction was not completed at the Alton site until July 1917, forty patients were transferred from Anna State Hospital in December 1916 and housed in temporary quarters until the formal opening of Alton State Hospital.

    The Civil Administrative Code of 1917 abolished the Board of Administration and transferred control of Alton State Hospital to the newly created Department of Public Welfare. In 1921 Alton had 757 patients and 117 employees. Three years later Hydrotherapy was introduced and 5 new cottages and 2 new dining halls were completed. A training school for nurses was opened in 1921. In the 1930s a ward was opened for WW1 veterans another for civilian men, one for women and a TB building. Hydrotherapy was becoming a more common treatment at Alton with over 65,000 hours of treatment given in one year.

    In the 1940s Electro-convulsive Therapy (ECT) was added and the patient population was 1,775 with a capacity of 1,084. By 1954 the use of new anti-psychotic medications was introduced. Discharge of patients increased by 20% and 39 patients received lobotomies that year. In the '60s Hydrotherapy was no longer used and an adolescent unit was opened. An alcohol treatment unit was opened in 1966 based on the one at Peoria. The Department of Mental Health assumed control of the hospital in 1961 and changed its name to Alton Mental Health Center in 1975. Alton Mental Health center is now primarily a forensic services provider with approximately 200 court-ordered patients. A new high security building was completed in 1997.


    Alton Mental Health Hospital is the only facility in this list which remains a functioning hospital to this day. Built in the early 1900s, this hospital is known for the harsh mistreatment of its patients, many of whom were subject to electrode shock therapy, lobotomies and cold water treatments – all of which were standard everyday practise at this hospital.

    Many people today – including staff, patients and visitors – have reported hearing unusual noises, from doors randomly slamming shut to undecipherable whisperings. One of the creepiest reports comes from a nurse who was on duty and heard someone ask, “Who’s that?” She turned around to respond and discovered that there was no one there and no one had been in the building at the time. Later that day the exact same thing happened in the same place to a second nurse.

    People who have taken photos onsite whilst visiting patients have reportedly caught images of orbs with the pained face of a human male on the front.


    The Alton State Hospital Cemetery was established in 1918. According to the Alton Evening Telegraph, July 31, 1918, twenty people had already been buried in the new cemetery. The land the cemetery is on was part of the old Kirkpatrick farm.

    Address: 1301 E 5th St, Alton, IL, United States

    Most Alton Hauntings Tours are 3-hours in length, unless noted otherwise. Different tours run all-year-around. Watch the schedule for upcoming dates.

    * Walking Tour (Spring-Fall) $25
    * Ghost Hunter's Tour (Spring-Fall) $40
    * Bus Tour (Fall Only) $40

    * Ghosts of the River Road (Winter) $45
    * Grafton to Alton Experience (Fall) $65


    110 East Third Street. Parking lot across the street from the First Unitarian Church

    You can reach them by telephone at (217) 791-7859

    American Hauntings Ink